How far in advance should we book our event or wedding?
We book most of our events and weddings 6-15 months in advance, but we are happy to accommodate weddings or events with short notice if our schedule allows, or recommend you to other professionals who may be available. We recommend that you book your event/wedding as soon as you have set the date.

Can you hold an event or wedding date?
Our policy to hold a date requires a non-refundable retainer and a service contract. Bookings are made strictly on a first-come, first-served basis and are often made well in advance to secure an event/wedding date. The retainer to hold your date is $500 and is applied toward your final balance. The balance is due four weeks before the event, which is the industry standard for most well-established professionals. Consultations are also taken on a first come first served basis and do not guarantee availability on your event/wedding date as we often accept out of state bookings over the phone. If your date becomes booked prior to your consultation, you will be notified right away and upon request we can provide a list of qualified referrals to assist you with your photography needs.

Do you take credit cards?
Most definitely - we accept all major credit cards.

How much time do we need for photos?
Many times our clents are not sure how much time they need for photography, the answer really depends on what your vision is, some people like to have the day documented from the moment they arrive while others prefer to be photographed when preparations are being done. Some weddings/events can be well documented in 4 hours while larger groups can take anywhere from 5 to 8 hours. It all depends on a few factors such as how far is your reception from your ceremony venue, or large families requiring several groupings for the formals. Also, if you are having a four-course sit-down dinner it will take much longer than having food stations. Will you serve alcohol or will you have a dry reception? Receptions where alcohol is served tend to last longer. Will you have a band or a DJ? Will you have a photo booth? Do you have a planner or someone in charge of coordinating the key events of the day? All of these aspects play a huge role in the amount of time that you’ll need as they directly influence the flow of the day, also consider for how long do you have the venue rented and do they require cleanup time? Many venues require the last hour to be clean up time. Do you want your photographer to capture the exit? As far as formals go, we recommend our couples to dedicate the cocktail hour for photos, this allows your guests to relax and mingle while we do photos. Small weddings can have enough coverage with 3-4 hours it really depends on how small is the group and what your expectations are. The majority of couples usually have very good coverage with 6-7 hours, besides you can always ad more time if needed.

What are our "rights" to digital photos? is this a slideshow or does it allow access to the digital image files individually?
You have unlimited permission to print and share your digital photos anytime, anywhere you wish. Your set of digital photos have all the edited image files in jpeg format and can be downloaded to your computer and printed at your convenience. We provide you with a print release as well. Your photos are yours to keep and share with the world! We love when our clients show them off. In addition to the high resolution files we include a Facebook ready folder that you can use to share online with your friends and family, these files have been enhanced and resized for the web so you can upload them a million times faster than the high-resolution files used for printing.

Do you travel? 
Yes, anywhere and everywhere. Locations that are outside of our regular service area may incur travel expenses and/or mileage. Areas within Amelia Island, Fernandina Beach, Jacksonville, Atlantic Beach, Jax Beach, and other local locations do not have any travel fees. Please inquire for more information on travel fees for cities not listed above.

Do you photograph high profile couples or events? And if so would you sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement prior to our first meeting?
Absolutely. We fully understand the needs of high profile people that are attending events (including all meetings, discussions prior to and after) be held in complete confidence. The process is very simple, your legal department contacts us with the required forms, we sign it, notarize, and return them prior to the disclosure of the couple's names and our first meeting. Once this agreement is signed, delivered and accepted by both parties; we work directly with you. Images are not blogged or disclosed on our website. Royalty fees may apply in some cases.

How many photos do you take?
We literally take hundreds (sometimes thousands) of images, it is hard to tell you a specific number as each event and wedding is different, but we don’t limit ourselves. We can say that we literally shoot to our heart’s content.

Are any touch-ups included?
We provide post-production adjustments for all of our photo shoots and events - this is included as part of the package price.  However, specific touch up services are available upon request and are charged per image depending on what level of touch up is desired. The digital images that are provided have been color corrected and are lab-ready quality. All our images are processed with high end professional grade equipment, calibrated to match the lab's color profile and necessary density adjustments. We are known for delivering sharp, vibrant images that are lab ready.

Do you bring backup equipment?
Absolutely. We would never arrive at your event or wedding without backup equipment, no one is exempt from having a camera fail, backup equipment is a must.

Who will photograph my event or wedding?
Bud Brasier is our lead photographer, however our team is comprised other very talented associate photographers, who work hand in hand with our lead photographer to capture those beautiful moments during the day. Email us for more information and different packages available through our very talented associate photographers. Depending on the size of your event we may bring one or two assistants.

Do you take breaks during a wedding?
Weddings and events can be very physically demanding for a photographer. Many times we are on our feet for 6-10 hours. Most of the time we are covering a wedding or event from the morning until late at night. So in order to keep the level of energy and creativity we take turns for short breaks as needed. Since we do not shoot while your guests are eating, this is the best time for us to change batteries, grab a bite and properly hydrate. Happy photographers make beautiful images.

Do you mind if our friends take pictures during the ceremony?
Not at all. The only time when we do not recommend others taking pictures is during the formal photography. The reason is because it causes delays, people get in the background or just distract the group from looking in one direction and some of their flashes can ruin our exposure as well.

How long will it take for my album to be ready?
Four-six weeks is the standard but it may vary depending on how long it takes you to make your selections as each album is entered into our production board in the order it is received.

For how long do you guarantee your prices?
With a signed contract product upgrade rates are guaranteed up to three months after your event/wedding. Albums that have not been ordered within six months of the event/wedding are subject to rate adjustments and maybe substituted for an equivalent replacement as needed. Some album lines are also seasonal so the sooner your order is fulfilled the better. All orders go into our production board in the order they are received, the sooner you order the sooner you will have it in your hands.

How long does it take to get our proofs?
Usually takes about 4-6 weeks but it can vary depending on how many photos were taken and the season.

What type of equipment do you use?
We use high-end professional grade Canon equipment, portable light strobes and remote flashes to light our subjects. We bring portable power to our location shoots and always, always have backup equipment on hand.

What do you do to make your images so vibrant and sharp?
Exposing manually is the only way to get such great color and sharpness in our images. We may use software to achieve specific effects, however we do not depend on Photoshop to make a great image. The trick is capturing a good exposure and making your final tweaks as needed.

We are ready to book you, what’s the next step?
Let us know what package you are interested in and we will send you a detailed proposal for your review. At that point, we can schedule a consultation meeting. If you want to lock your date all we need is your signed contract along with your retainer.

I have more questions but didn’t find the answers here...
No worries, we are here for you every step of the way. You can call, text, email or Facebook us your questions at any time. We love to talk about events and weddings and we’d love to hear all about your plans and how we can be a part of your big day.

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